Issues for Morgan Hill's Future

For Morgan Hill

Regional and state agencies, including the State Legislature, LAFCO, VTA High Speed Rail Authority and Water District, will significantly impact Morgan Hill’s future. Greg has the respect and experience to ensure that Morgan Hill’s needs are heard across our region and state. 

  • Make sure high speed rail does not cut neighborhoods or impact Morgan Hill Traffic Flow
  • Fight to make sure Morgan Hill's Growth Control is not impacted by state housing policies


“Many of the biggest issues facing Morgan Hill are decided by people who don’t live here. I decided to get back into local politics to make sure our interests are represented and our issues addressed.”

-Greg Sellers

For Slow Growth

 When Greg was in high school Morgan Hill grew so quickly the student body at Live Oak was divided into morning and afternoon groups because there weren’t enough teachers to handle the growth. Greg fought for consistent, reasonable growth controls as a Councilmember, and has always supported efforts to permanently protect our agricultural lands and open space. He will make sure we only grow where and how it makes sense for our future. 

  • Negotiate with landowners to permanently preserve agriculture and open space in the Southeast Quadrant and along our hillsides 
  • Focus new housing in our core areas and make sure it meets the needs of all Morgan Hill residents

For Economic Development

 Greg knows the best way to avoid the commute is to not have one. He will work to make Morgan Hill more business friendly and will use his 25 years of economic development experience to actively reach out to businesses that will bring additional revenue and good paying jobs to Morgan Hill. 

  • Work with successful local businesses to develop complimentary industries
  • Develop the infrastructure required to enable Silicon Valley employees to work from their homes in Morgan Hill
  • Work with local internet providers to create world class fiber optic and 5G internet solutions in Morgan HIll

For Public Safety

 Morgan Hill has a reputation as a safe city, but we need to do more as our community continues to grow. Greg will continue to fight for more officers at our schools and work to develop innovative policing strategies that protect everyone in Morgan Hill. 

  • Double the number of School Resource Officers to ensure our schools remain safe
  • Add traffic officers to cut down on traffic violations by out of town commuters using Morgan HIll streets
  • Add resources to cut back on "pass through" criminals that target neighborhoods along 101

For Improved Transportation

Like most Morgan Hill residents Greg has spent many hours commuting to Silicon Valley, San Francisco and even Sacramento. As Councilmember he served on the Valley Transportation Authority, where he fought for a dedicated South County seat. He will make sure regional planning efforts are made based on what's best for Morgan Hill.

  • Bring electrification of CalTrain all the way through South County
  • Extend the 101 commuter lane through Morgan Hill
  • Extend Santa Teresa Boulevard to Watsonville Road